Looking Back: Police Abuse

I did my probation on the LAPD in Wilshire. It is predominately African American. Almost all of my training Officers were, African American. Some of them had grown up in the division. I gained a real appreciation for what they endured not only in society but on the department as well in the 50’s and 60’s and perhaps some of the 70’s. The one thing I never experienced was a racial attitude on behalf of the LAPD Officers towards any ethnic group. We simply did not like bad guys. If you were a bad guy then we went after you regardless of your ethnicity, gender, sexuality or religious preference. A bad guy was simply…a bad guy. I have been accused by arrestees of ‘planting’ things (guns, dope, money etc.) on suspects we arrested. It’s the oldest game in town. No… I did not run around with pockets full of rock cocaine, vials of PCP, balloons of heroin and stolen guns on the off-chance that I could ‘plant’ them on a suspect.

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Why I Pay for Quality

Equipment well-made, will endure far longer than that which is constructed cheaply. The enclosed example is well-made, precisely engineered and most definitively ‘old school’ craftsmanship. The bore guides depicted are made by T.K. Nollan (http://benchrest.com/barrelsaver/). I came across Mr. Nollan when searching for the best bore guides out there. They are constructed from stainless steel hand crafted, beveled and precise fitting. The heavy duty outer sleeves, and ‘radiused’ ends allow for easy manipulation. In essence they are the Ferrari’s of bore guides.They are for bolt guns only (did not think to ask if he makes them for AR type rifles). They are not cheap as they run about $150.00 or so but they will last a lifetime. Two rod sleeves accompany the main bore guide itself – one for bore brushes and one for patch pushing. If one spends upwards of 5 grand for a rifle it would seem sensible to utilize equipment which will ensure its proper maintenance. He only accepts postal money orders which leads one to surmise that Mr. Nollan is a definitive example of ‘old school’ tradesmanship. The rods came back in one week from my mailing in the payment and I had two sets made…one for 7.62 and the other for 5.56 for the Remington 700 sniper rifles.FullSizeRender

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Police Response to Mass Shootings

Within 48 hours of the mass shooting in Orlando, Florida, I was interviewed by multiple news outlets regarding my take on the police response. Whenever there is a widely covered shooting I field a variety of questions, often critical in nature, so Id like to address one of them for you. One individual criticized the police response as being too long (Approximately 3 hours) relative to SWAT entry. So I want to share the following considerations. Note that this is predicated on the limited information available to me as I write this.
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Saying Goodbye to an Old Friend

A few weeks ago an old friend passed away in his sleep. He wasn’t a celebrity so you didn’t hear about it on the news. But those of you who have frequented local Los Angeles gun stores have probably come across him at one time or another. Don Baroni was a fixture in the Los Angeles gun community. Over the course of our acquaintance he had probably worked at every one of the major gun stores in the valley and helped so many people, from customers to friends, navigate the often complex industry we find our selves in.

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June Class Photos!

Check out the photos from our June classes!

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Storage Wars comes to ITTS!

Uncle Scotty and Jordan were asked to appraise a training pistol that Jarrod and Brandi found.  They also get to try their hand at our indoor sims course!

Watch the ITTS portion of the episode here!

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Texas Sporting Journal: The ITTS Revolver Class

ITTS Revolver Class Article - Title Page

Click here to read the full article: Texas Sporting Journal – ITTS Revolver Class Article (High Quality)

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March – April Class Photos

Check out the class photos form March-April classes!

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Looking Back: Surf, Bullets, Beer and Camaraderie

There are bygone eras and there are bygone eras. In ‘Old School’ Metro we had blocks of training down at Camp Pendleton USMC Base. We stayed Oceanside in the Officer’s B.O.Q. (Bachelor Officer’s Quarters for the uninitiated.) Some of us would strap surfboards to the Metro rides or throw them into the Chevy Suburbans and meet at Zero Dark Thirty at the Trestles gate to the base. A six pack of beer goes a long way with an 18 year old pimple-faced Marine standing guard over our Metro rides. The cruisers were never safer… never!!!! Off we’d go to Trestles to catch some tasty tubes before training. Out of the water off to Range 116 Alpha (The SEAL range which cost about six cases of Guinness Extra Stout on my part, which is precisely why I impose beer penalties for safety infractions or blatant stupidity or a combination of the two) and training commenced.

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The Great Value of a Shotgun

While carbine calibers are all the rage these days, there are some distinct advantages of the shotgun over the carbine. The shotgun is capable of utilizing a number of differing types of munitions. From less lethal (beanbag) to breeching to birdshot, buckshot, slug and all points in between. In essence one can have a single firearm capable of a variety of problem solving rounds. The benefit to a shotgun that is often overlooked, is that under most normal usage, (even those of you who shoot quite a bit) you’re probably not going to wear it out. The barrel lasts indefinitely, on the 870 the receiver group is solid and a synthetic stock is short of indestructible if made properly.

Now having said that, I have worn out no less than three 870’s. However, these saw extensive use in Metro with full house loads day in and day out for 15 years. I simply had them rebuilt and they are running hot today in our classes. There is a supreme pleasure in running the 870 fast and at speed. It is an alchemy of pure lines, technique and speed which can very closely approximate the speed of a semi-auto shotgun. The advantage of the semi-auto, however, is that it does not need to be cycled and can be fired from the prone position with less effort than the pump shotgun.

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