“Uncle Scotty… Where’s the Second Book?”

Many of you have emailed or asked in person about our second book. I always appreciate the inquiries and am thrilled to hear when guys (and gals) enjoyed our first published work. I am writing to assure you that we are currently hard at work on The Art of Modern Gunfighting – The Pistol: Volume II!

In writing the first book, I learned quite well that unlike writing my articles for newsletters and magazines, crafting volumes such as AMG I and AMG II requires so much more of me. Simply writing down random thoughts in a flow of consciousness (as I’m prone to do) and piecing them together to form interesting articulations is not nearly enough to provide the meaningful literary instruction and storytelling that I have set out to do. It takes time and a tremendous amount of patience, and I believe this approach contributed to a successful Volume 1 and will do the same for Volume II.

Volume II will further advance the reader’s skill and comprehension of the many aspects of gunfighting as I have learned and executed them. There are a number of concepts that I discuss at length and in detail for the very first time, which I believe are quite unique and will further enhance your shooting skills and understanding of what gunfighting really means. Numerous topics are covered along with a number of stories about the shootings of students I have trained. I believe that this book will be even better than the first. The wait will be well worth it as we will not put it out until it exceeds our expectations. Our target date is the end of 2014, hopefully just in time for Christmas!

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