Schooling “RoboCop”

“RoboCop” does Impressions of “Uncle Scotty” on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart – watch it here!

I don’t know how many of you saw the recent “RoboCop” movie, but if you do, you might see some familiar moves because we trained Joel Kinnaman for the weapons portion of the movie. How the training translated to the screen was interesting to see.

He is a very nice guy and paid close attention to what he was taught. We worked a number of sessions with him and he picked up the techniques very rapidly (as many good actors do.) We had him shooting at great distance (135 and 245 yards with the handgun and obtaining hits on a torso sized target) as an option for one of his RoboCop abilities. Unfortunately this was not incorporated into the movie.

Working with actors is always interesting because one never knows what precisely they will grasp onto as a part of their movie persona. Benicio Del Toro used our technique of tucking the 1911 under the ‘off-arm’ for hands free manipulation in “Way of The Gun.” Perhaps someday in the future there might be an actual RoboCop adapted from the celluloid version with which we are entertained today. Who knows? In the meantime we’ll just have to enjoy Hollywood’s bets efforts to infuse real world tactics into a fantastical story.

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