The ITTS Family!

Brett and I never realized some of the ancillary results of ITTS when we started some 27 plus years ago. The best one is, of course, saving lives and keeping you out of bad situations. One side effect we are very proud of is the concept of creating a family amongst our students. We are selective and we attract a different clientele. Yes, we landed on the moon. No, the earth is not flat. Yes we believe in science. Yes – common sense should still be… common sense.

There have been some fascinating individuals who have trained with us. From doctors, lawyers, space scientists, philosophers, writers, world-changing entrepreneurs, musicians, actors, artists, directors, teachers and every conceivable profession in-between, we have been privileged to know you all. There have been many friendships between students and unique business opportunities. There has been from time to time, the six degrees of separation phenomena where so-and-so’s cousin is the brother of the aunt of the father of; or when students discover that a classmate is related or has a backstory in common.

What is fascinating is that all of you are quite unique in your own right. There is nothing more satisfying than instructing you in a subject matter in which either you have little or no experience in and one in which you want to improve. Since you all want to be here (which is distinctly and unfortunately different from many police who simply want to get out of training) it makes this all the more of a rewarding experience for us. Even though instructing can be exhausting it is nonetheless incredibly satisfying at the end.

We pride ourselves on honesty, professionalism and attention to detail which many of you have commented on. Some of these seem to be values fast going out of vogue. We will not only maintain these values but improve on them every day. After more than a few weeks of instructing in my lifetime, I still enjoy getting out there and either seeing all of you again or seeing some of you for the first time. We have and will always have a passion for the good guys, which is all of you. Until next time, all the best. Uncle Scotty!

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