Why I Pay for Quality

Equipment well-made, will endure far longer than that which is constructed cheaply. The enclosed example is well-made, precisely engineered and most definitively ‘old school’ craftsmanship. The bore guides depicted are made by T.K. Nollan (http://benchrest.com/barrelsaver/). I came across Mr. Nollan when searching for the best bore guides out there. They are constructed from stainless steel hand crafted, beveled and precise fitting. The heavy duty outer sleeves, and ‘radiused’ ends allow for easy manipulation. In essence they are the Ferrari’s of bore guides.They are for bolt guns only (did not think to ask if he makes them for AR type rifles). They are not cheap as they run about $150.00 or so but they will last a lifetime. Two rod sleeves accompany the main bore guide itself – one for bore brushes and one for patch pushing. If one spends upwards of 5 grand for a rifle it would seem sensible to utilize equipment which will ensure its proper maintenance. He only accepts postal money orders which leads one to surmise that Mr. Nollan is a definitive example of ‘old school’ tradesmanship. The rods came back in one week from my mailing in the payment and I had two sets made…one for 7.62 and the other for 5.56 for the Remington 700 sniper rifles.FullSizeRender

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