The Rumors Are True – ITTS Has an Online Forum!

By Scott Reitz

That’s right… I’m on the forum. I am still in disbelief that I am a member of an online community because until not too long ago Brett and Jordan barely allowed me to use the internet for fear of what obscure historical relics I might seek out and obtain for their unique and timeless value (My kids still don’t realize how many neat things they’ll be left with one day!). I have an iphone now and the internet is at my mercy.

International Tactical Forum is the brainchild of Jordan. We wanted a new way to engage students. I’ve been on some of the forums out there. Many discussions degrade into a muddled mess with fictitious names, hurled insults and individuals with zero background weighing in on matters which they really shouldn’t. Apparently they call these trolls who have nothing better to do than throw out cheap shots from their mother’s basement and haven’t been on a single date. The ITTS forum promises to be a great deal more enlightening, well thought out and intelligence driven.

Some of you have a better handle on the newer equipment out there which I haven’t had the time to evaluate. This forum will be an invaluable effort towards that end. Some of you have curious insights into all things tactical which I also entertain. There are many ‘threads’ which any of you may wish to initiate. Some may deal with tactics, equipment and methodologies and some might not. Perhaps I will initiate the ‘Martini’ thread, which is information that serves no real purpose but to entertain with unusual facts to hold forth over a chilled martini or better yet, a cold beer!

The reason we have restricted the forums use to that of our student body is that that students past and present do in fact, serve somewhat as an ‘ad-hoc’ family. Many of you have become fast friends with one another. Since you are familiar with our mission, the method in which we instruct and comprehend our sense of humor, discussions can be placed into their proper context.

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